The Best Makeup Looks of the 90s: Retro and Timeless

The Best Makeup Looks of the 90s: Retro and Timeless

Think about the best makeup looks of the 90s. Now think about how timeless they are. So many of these looks are still popular today because they were simple yet flattering and elegant. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best makeup looks from the 90s and show you how to recreate them yourself. So whether you’re aiming for a retro look or want to update your current routine, read on for inspiration!

90s makeup looks: beauty trends from the 1990s

There’s no denying that the 1990s was a major fashion moment. And while some trends from the decade (hello, overalls!) may not be making a comeback anytime soon, there is plenty of ’90s makeup looks as gorgeous today as they were back then. From supermodel-worthy smoky eyes to dewy skin and natural lips, these timeless beauty trends are definitely worth trying.

So whether you’re looking to channel your inner Cindy Crawford or Drew Barrymore, here are the best ’90s makeup looks to try now.

makeup routineSmokey Eyes

A smoldering smokey eye is always a good idea, and no one did it better than the supermodels of the ’90s. With a combination of shimmery brown shades and jet black liner, a sultry smokey eye is a perfect way to add major glamour to any look.

Natural Lips

While lip gloss reigned supreme in the late ’90s, natural lips were also one of the biggest makeup trends during the decade. Often paired with neutral shadow and lots of mascara on the eyes, nude lips became synonymous with fresh-faced beauty back in the day. So if you’re looking for a simple yet sexy way to update your go-to makeup routine, try pairing a barely-there lip color with your favorite smoky eye.

Bold Brows

Another ’90s trend that’s still going strong today? Bold brows. Whether you prefer a more defined arch à la Audrey Hepburn or a fuller, natural-looking brow like Brooke Shields, there’s no doubt that well-groomed eyebrows can make a major impact on your overall appearance. So if you’re in need of a little brow shaping, be sure to head to your local salon or beauty counter for some professional help.

Dewy Skin

Gone are the days of matte skin being the only acceptable makeup finish—dewy, glowy skin is having a moment. And while achieving an ethereal lit-from-within look may seem impossible, it’s pretty easy to achieve with the right products and application techniques. Just be sure to start with a good moisturizer and use a damp beauty sponge to apply your foundation for a dewy, natural-looking finish.

So there you have it—the best ’90s makeup looks to try now. So whether you’re looking to channel your inner supermodel or want to update your beauty routine, definitely give these timeless trends a try. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

What color eyeshadow was popular in the 90s?

In the 1990s, many women favored brown and gold eyeshadow. This look was trendy during the fall and winter months when earth tones were in fashion. Other common colors included pale blues, greens, pinks, and turquoise shades. In addition to using a single color for your entire eyelid, you could also apply different shades and hues of eyeshadow from lashline to crease, creating a v-shaped or winged effect at the outer corners of your eyes. While matte shadows were typically preferred during this time period, some people did like to add a bit of shimmer or glitter to their look. Whether you chose bold or subtle looks for your eye makeup palette in the 90s, it was important to keep your face and lips simple so that the focus could remain on your eyes.

Looking back on the beauty trends of the 1990s, it’s easy to see why certain looks have made a comeback in recent years. With bright color palettes and bold variations on classic looks, many people are revisiting these looks today to express their individuality. Whether you choose to copy specific 90s makeup trends or prefer to experiment with modern versions of them yourself, there’s no doubt that this era has had a significant impact on contemporary styles. So if you’re looking for inspiration for your next makeup look, consider what was popular during this decade and try incorporating some of those elements into your routine!