How To Bleach Hair At Home: Available Options

How To Bleach Hair At Home: Available Options

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she wants to lighten her hair. Maybe you’re going for a summery look or want to switch things up. Whatever the reason, bleaching your hair at home is a great way to achieve the color you want without spending a fortune at the salon. But what are the options at home when it comes to bleaching hair at home?

Powder for bleaching

This tool is very effective in changing the color of your curls. You can lighten them by seven tones or more. It is a good method to use even if you are a brunette.

Powders are often sold in packages that are easy to use. But you will also need an oxidant for the procedure.

Bleaching paste

The paste is another way to lighten your hair. You must be careful with it because it can be pretty aggressive. However, most modern paste products are easy to use and have a neutral smell. They also feel pleasant on your head. The paste is a good option if you want to achieve a lighter shade quickly.

process of lightening your hair

Cream for bleaching

It is a safer way to lighten your hair. Creams are easy to use and don’t have a strong smell. They will also make your hair feel softer. However, creams may not be as effective as powders or pastes. In addition, they can only lighten your hair by a few shades.

Popular recipes for bleaching

Lemon and sun

Lemons are a natural way to lighten your hair. They have organic acids that help lighten your hair by one or two tones. It is a safe way to lighten your hair.

Vitamins A, group B, zinc, and phosphorus help eliminate dandruff and make your hair healthy. Lemon is suitable for people with scalp problems, but it is not good for dark hair.

There are many ways to lighten your hair. For example, you can mix the juice of several lemons with a couple of spoons of balm, or you can make a brightening spray. There are many recipes in the public domain, among which you can find a suitable one without harming your hair.

Remember: you can’t have lightning without the sun! The sun’s rays are what starts the process of lightening your hair. Spending half an hour with lemon juice on your curls is recommended, then rinse with water.

Hydrogen peroxide

You can use peroxide to lighten hair at home, but it is risky because you cannot calculate how much to use. If you use too much, your hair will become too dry, hard, or brittle.

However, one of the advantages of this method is that it is affordable. Another disadvantage is that often yellowness appears after the procedure, so you will need a good neutralizer.

You need to use different amounts of peroxide, depending on the length of your hair.

  • For short hair, use no more than 30 ml.
  • For medium-length hair, use 50 ml.
  • For long hair, use 50 ml or more.

You should also adjust the peroxide concentration depending on your hair’s stiffness:

  • 8–12% is suitable for coarse hair.
  • 6–8% is suitable for medium-stiffness hair.
  • 5% is suitable for thin hair.

A couple of days before you bleach your hair, don’t wash it.

Mix water and peroxide in a spray bottle. Divide your curls into strands and carefully treat them with the product. Don’t skip strands if you want to lighten your hair completely, or, conversely, apply the mixture selectively if you want to achieve a highlight effect.