Jumbo Dalmatian Birthday Cookies!!!

Decorated sugar cookies to celebrate a birthday are special in their own right but JUMBO cookies scream SPECIAL! I love anything over the top, especially cakes. I always make cakes tall and my latest obsession is making them tall and wide. It's so over the top and special you can't help but notice that someone is being celebrated. So this year, when my daughter's half birthday was being celebrated at school, I decided to go BIG! My oldest daughter is awesome and she totally deserves it. She asked for some dalmatian cookies that she had seen in an order I had done a couple months ago. Without her knowledge I thought it would be awesome to jumbo size them to make them extra special. These cookies are as big as your face, oh so fun and delicious!


Enough of the teasing, lets get this Tutorial started!!!

First Download the Jumbo Cookie Cut out PDF here and print it out.
Then begin by making dough and icing. If you need a recipe you can find mine here



  • Jumbo Dalmation Cut out Printable
  • Ice Cream Cone Cookie Cutter
  • Small Paring Knife
  • Tipless Pastry Bags
  • Wilton 16 Tip
  • Toothpick or Food Pick
  • Scissors
  • Gold Luster Dust
  • Small Round Paint Brush
  • Clear Vodka
  • Small Bowl


  • White 15 sec Icing
  • White piping 
  • White piping with the Wilton 16 tip
  • Black 15 sec Icing
  • Black piping
  • Teal 20 second Icing
  • Purple soft piping

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STEP 1 There are no cutters for these dalmatians, instead we will make our own! Print out the jumbo dalmatian cut out. And cut it out. Now you have a template for your dough. Place template on top of dough and use paring knife to cut around. 



Sweet Lemon Tip** Try to cut by dragging knife around cut out.  Do not use an up and down motion to cut or it will come out jagged. 

STEP 2 Use Ice cream cone cookie cutter and place cone on top of dogs head. Push down on the cone side only to create the party hat. 


STEP 3 Pop out dog and hat and put on a sheet of wax paper. Place hat back on top of dogs head and push lightly them together so they form one piece. 


STEP 4 Cut out the rest of your cookies and bake.

STEP 5  Start by outlining the dogs body with your White 15 sec icing. Then fill in using the same icing.


Sweet Lemon Tip** When filling in any area of a cookie with flooding start at one end of cookie and make lines back and forth until cookie is full. You will need to work fast so the icing doesn't dry up on you. Leave a slight gap between outline and your flooding so the icing doesn't over flow. Then use a toothpick or food pick to move the icing and close up those gaps. 


STEP 6 Immediately use your black 15 sec icing to make dalmatian dots. This is called a wet on wet technique and dots will sink into first layer to look like they are part of the same layer instead of popping up. Scatter them around randomly. Let the cookies set and dry for a minimum of 2 hrs. 


Sweet Lemon Tip** When making dots it looks better when they are varied and not perfect dots. It helps to make them look more realistic. 


STEP 7 Use the Teal 20 sec icing Outline and Fill in hat. And Let Dry for a minimum of  2 hrs. 


Sweet Lemon Tip** When outlining hat the bottom line should be slightly curved downward so it looks like it is resting on the dogs head. 


STEP 8 Use your black piping and make a dot for the eye and an upside down triangle on the nose. 


STEP 9 Use black 15 sec icing to outline ear and fill in.


STEP 10 Use your purple icing to make the collar of the dog. and add a small diamond shape to the front of collar to look like a dog tag. Let Dry for a minimum of 2 hrs.


Sweet Lemon Tip** Try to slightly curve dog collar for a more realistic look. 


STEP 11 Use White piping to make diagonal lines on dogs hat. Let dry for a minimum of 1 hr. 


Step 12 Prepare gold luster dust. Shake some dust in a bowl and add a small amount of vodka. Mix it up with paint brush. Lightly Brush on gold dust to the white lines on hat and put a dot of gold on collar tag. 


Sweet Lemon Tip** Make sure to stay on top of the lines when brushing the gold on. If you go down too far it will get on hat. ( I actually did this if you look at the picture lol. Happens to the best of us. Also, if this does happen, don't worry people usually don't notice. And it still looks fabulous, don't be so hard on yourself!)  


STEP 13 Use White piping with your Wilton 16 star tip and make a pom pom at the top of dogs hat. Let cookie completely dry. Give it another 2-4 hrs. 


Sweet Lemon Tip** When making pom pom, stay in one spot and push icing out until you like the size of the pom pom. 


YOU ARE DONE!!! Now you can have some awesome  JUMBO cookies to celebrate with. People will think you are amazing and every kid will want you as a parent...jk on the last part, but, seriously :P